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Help Us Get To 100 Subscribers- There's A Prize!

Some exciting news AK47 Fans (I want to start referring to you as Annie Oakley's- since she's a gun slinger, and we have a gun-pun name, but not sure if it's too much? Thoughts?)! We have finished the trailer for Over Easy. I know, we are elated, many shots, happy dances, and general not-so-humble bragging has followed this accomplishment. 

However, some festival deadlines require us to keep it private for just a wee bit longer. Which had us thinking. Our Youtube channel is currently: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCLcMJowgbdozwahWpxkVPPA Which doesn't fit on either of our business cards. Youtube requires us to have 100 subscribers in order to get a custom url. So here's our little brain baby. You help us get to 100 subscribers and we send you the link and the password to our trailer.

The Rules:

1.) Tweet, FB, Instagram, whatever you need to do the link to our Youtube channel asking people to subscribe, and if you haven't already, subscribe yourself!

2.) Have your friends comment "Subscribed because of ___[your name]____" in the comments section of this blog post.

3.) Once we've gotten over 100 subscribers the top 3 people tagged in the comments section will get sent the link.

That's all folks! Get sharing and if you need the link to our Youtube one more time it is: